Yajai Thai

3316 30TH Ave
Astoria, NY 11103



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March 6th, 2011

We live in astoria and order almost all their dish menu. Some of the dish are Ok. but most of them are unacceptable. The Yum salads are always seem to be drowned in a pool of Lime juice. Duck wings taste and look like a duck swimming out of a pool of mud and served immediately (if you like fresh duck??not me)- smell unapetizing and no flavor (whoever invented this menu - I don't think you know what you are doing) none is really satisfying - which ridiculous for a thai restaurant.the only decent think it seems is the peanut sauce but even that they actually dare to deliver an "expired" peanut sauce one time, I can tell because I make my own peanut sauce and I know when It's time to throw it out of my refrigerator. if you like OILY food - this is the place to go - when I say OILY you can actually deep fry another whole fish just by collecting the oil from their Chili & Tamarind sauce fish dish - the one cup of oil with some fried chopped herbs and onion that came with it, what was that? the sauce? and the fish - please go back to culinary school and learn how to clean a fish properly when you are serving whole fish OK? . Sauteed Cashew delivered without cashew, again very OILY. Stir fried Noodle dish is an embarasment to THAI food history. I think this restaurant should consider downsizing their menu to a more managable menu - and just try to execute those better. Thai food is my favorite food, and I've been to many thai restaurant in NY and in Bangkok, and if you can't make a delicious Pad Thai - you should never call yourself a Thai Restaurant, please! We have been giving this restaurant so many chances - by keep ordering different thing everytime, hoping that we will find more good dish than bad dish in their menu. but after today's order, me and my husband agree that under no circumstances will we ever be ordering from Yajai. For any of you that has given the restaurant more than 1 star, just because you like a few of their dish ... please go out more and try different Thai restaurant.

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January 18th, 2005

This place is my regular Sunday-night takeout. The food is *fabulous*, and you will benefit from a visually stimulating presentation if you actually dine in -- but the best part of this place is the most genuinely warm and open staff you could imagine -- I really feel like they're preparing a home-cooked meal for me every time. If you stop by, please say hello to Bank at the front desk for me. He'll be happy to take care of any special dietary requests you might have with expeditious care. I *love* this place!

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