Thai Sweet Basil

209 N Main St
Andover, MA 01810



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January 10th, 2005

The food is very fresh, and as auhentic as I've seen anywhere in the U.S. The prices are not high - the only knock I'd have is that the restaurant tends to be a little noisy when full. However, it is good food, so live with it! I wish they had their menu online - it would make it so much easier to order take out!!!

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December 20th, 2004

The food is just so-so and slightly overpriced. It is a watered down version or "Americanized" of real Thai food. They don't have decent sauces (nam plah prick ) or the like that makes Thai food tasty. It is the only Thai restaurant in Andover, so if you live locally and don't want to drive you're out of luck. 3/10 in my book.

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October 22nd, 2004

I would recommend this restaurant. The food is very good, and not too expensive. No chopsticks, though (unless maybe you ask specifically, but I've never seen anyone else using them here). Try the thai papaya salad!

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