Pepper's Thai Cuisine

495 N Palm Canyon Dr
Palm Springs, CA 92262



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December 21st, 2010

This is one of THE BEST Thai restaurants I've experinenced! I have lived ALL over US and Abroad, and I am originally from Chicago! I have been to some restaurants in the Southwest/Desert Areas... that people in the "know", claimed to be excellent. Let me tell you, their pallets were waaayyyy off! Some people have not been exposed to how the "real" food tastes! Therefore, when they eat it... they are taken aback. Thai food tends to be hot, because of their sauce/spice they add to the food. My husband opens restaurants, I have friends who own hotels/retaurants in Europe and Thailand... and I can tell you, this place is a gem! Make sure this is one of the places you stop by! Oh, Chicken Coconut Curry is out of this world! Also, the soups are to die for! Trust Me! I live in AZ now, but we're moving to Orange County, and we make a point of stopping by on every trip to Palm Springs! Enjoy! LOL!!! '-)

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October 8th, 2010

NOT GOOD. We were very dissapointed in the food. We asked the waiter for a very mild curry. So did the table next to us. He said he would make a "baby mild curry". Our mouths were on FIRE! Noses running, coughing, sweating. It was terrible. The pad thai had little flavor. I love Thai food and this was the worst ever. On top of that it was pricy and he forgot to bring my card back with my receipt. I had to drive back the next day to go pick it up. I had to drive 45 minutes round trip. TERRIBLE.

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